Glasgow Gypsyland

Filmed across Glasgow, Delaine 'landed' in the city finding her way to the Necropolis to find the tombstone of Corlinda Lee famous for her invention of the "Gypsy Ball" in Victorian times, which was an inspiration for the To Gypsyland Gypsy Ball held in Brockwell Park.

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London Gyspyland

The starting point for this film is a series of engravings from the Illustrated London News printed in the late 1800's of traditional Gypsy Stopping Places across London. Delaine Le Bas and Ronke Osinowo made a serious of performatives interventions across London - London Fields, Hackney Wick, Mitchum Common and Gypsy Hill.

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Peterborough Gypsyland

I have visited Peterborough a number times the filming for this film was all shot while planning and researching for To Gypsyland and working with METAL who now have a base there in Chauffeurs Cottage.

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The Scream

The Scream was performed inside our installation Safe European Home? on 15th June 2013 for The Dandelion Project at Traneudstillingen in Copenhagen. the performance dealt with issues of private space, difference and the problems, suppression and difficulties of being 'the other' within 'the other' unspoken hardships that exist in the forming of ones own space when you wish to break away from the confines of what your own society and the bigger societies expectations are of you and which do not match your own.

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Crystal Ball Genocide

Crystal Ball Genocide - Gypsy Hill 2011
Performance by Delaine Le Bas
Filmed and edited by Damian James Le Bas
Text by Delaine Le Bas and Scott Benesiinaabandan
Delaine Le Bas acknowledges support by The National Lottery through Arts Council England.
With thanks also to The Clearwater Gypsies.
Made at Gypsy Hill, London, where Gypsies lived in the past and why it has its name.

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A Film by Delaine 2004

This is a collage of film made from small pieces of film I made during 2003/2004 by myself. This final version was shown when we (Damian and myself) organised a film night while we were exhibiting "She's No Angel" in October 2004. This was a group exhibition with Cathy Lomax, Mandy McCartin, Iris Palmer, Jimmy Pursey, Stella Vine and Matthew Wilkinson at James Colman, Coronet Street, Hoxton. That night Ben Cobb showed his film "Banshee" which Iris and Damian were also in.

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