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Delaine, Damian and Damian James Le Bas Biography

The Le Bas family are British artists of Romany descent. Husband and wife team, Delaine and Damian, conceived of Safe European Home? in 2010. The project has widely travelled and developed in many places, taking on a different form wherever it may be; always made from existing materials at the locations with the exterior and interior then worked across as one ‘collage canvas’.

Delaine and Damian Le Bas are often joined by their son Damian James, being involved with translations in various languages and with the programme of events that usually accompanies the project. In 2011 it was constructed outside the parliament building in Vienna and has since been constructed in 3 different locations in Berlin including the exhibition Safe European Home? Past, Present, Future…. at Galerie Kai Dikhas in 2013. Copenhagen and Dublin with further venues planned for the future.

Delaine’s work moves expansively from a unique series of thematic departures including nationhood, race, gender and relationships. These issues are explored through freely combined media. Embroidery, painting and decoupage/”femmage” interact with sculpture and installations that reflect domestic claustrophobia, the transient nature of modern materiality and the tensions that characterise Le Bas’ own experience as a Gypsy. (source Wikipedia)

Born to Damian (Snr) and Delaine Le Bas and raised in a traditional Roma gypsy way, Damian James’ culture and upbringing influences the basis of his written work.  Damian studied Theology at Oxford University and his passion is creating poetry in both English and Romani. Today his works span all conceivable forms; articles, radio plays, poetry, prose, film and he has been published by Magma, The Times Literary Supplement and The Junket. Damian has performed across the country and been commissioned for work by Arts Council England to support the touring project ‘To Gypsyland’.

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