Witch Hunt ll at Navigations Urban Dialogues








Urban Dialogues: Navigations was a three-week exhibition and programme of talks, performances and workshops giving audiences the chance to explore what it means to live together in a culturally mixed society – at a time when public debate on these issues is highly polarised. The exhibition – which explores faith, belief, migration and personal identity – was put together by a variety of faith based and non-religious partners and convened by 3FF.

Stephen Shashoua, Director of 3FF: “Recent events in the Middle East have shown how closely linked the international and the local are today. While we cannot directly influence developments over there, we need to work to stop the hostilities spilling over into our own neighbourhoods. We are creating a safe space for people from different communities to come together for dialogue on complex issues.”


Navigations Urban Dialogues
Red Gallery, Rivington Street, London

3-21 September 2014





Female Voices

A panel discussion hosted by Jumoké Fashola on the theme of: Shutting up, putting up, speaking out: How are UK women challenging convention? The panel featured female artists, campaigners and activists including, Onjali Rauf (Making Her – story Founder & Director), Delaine Le Bas (English Romany, Artist and Activist), Bumi Thomas (Singer Songwriter and Campaigner), Dina Brawer (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance Ambassador) and Melt – em Avcil (Former child detainee and Campaigner).