Untouchable Gypsy Witch

How does it feel to be a minority within a minority? The other within the others? An outsider amongst the outsiders? The installations, photography, film and performance of Delaine Le Bas visualise, wrestle with, and interrogate this situation.

She was full six feet high, wore a man’s great-coat over the rest of her dress, had in her hand a goodly sloe-thorn cudgel, and in all points of equipment, except her petticoats, seemed rather masculine than feminine. Her dark elf-locks shot out like the snakes of the Gorgon, between an old-fashioned bonnet called a bon grace, heightening the singular effect of her strong and weather-beaten features, which they partly shadowed, while her eye had a wild roll, that indicated something like real or affected insanity.
-Sir Walter Scott, description of Meg Merrilies, from Guy Mannering

“An Amazon? A Gorgon? A Gypsy? An Outsider? A Witch? Maybe all of these? When I read Scott’s words about Meg Merrilies, I feel could almost be reading about myself. I was always taller than everyone else when I was growing up … The one who was on the outside of everything. Outside when I was at school, when I was at home … When I was amongst my family, especially the extended family. I loved who we were but somehow I didn’t fit. I was different even amongst a group who were perceived as being ‘others’.”
– Delaine Le Bas 2017


Untouchable Gypsy Witch at Transmission (3rd November to 8th December 2018) features new art by Delaine Le Bas alongside older works, some of which will be exhibited for the first time. They express how being radically diverse feels, and what this means to her.

Delaine will be using the week of the 29th October – 3rd November as an Open Studio and will have a lunchtime talk from 1-2pm at Transmission on Wednesday 31st October and an evening talk in partnership with Glasgow Womens Library at 6- 7:30pm in the GWL Community Room.

This exhibition coincides with a moment in history when ‘witch hunts’ are taking on new and insidious forms, directed at those on the fringes of Western society, while elsewhere in the world, being classified as a witch can still cost you your life.

OPEN STUDIO & Artist Talk with Delaine Le Bas

Transmission Gallery / 1pm – 2pm / Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Artist Talk: Delaine Le Bas

Glasgow Women’s Library / 6pm – 7.30pm / Thursday, 1 November 2018

3rd November – 8th December 2018
Transmission Gallery Glasgow